Weekly Toronto Flick Picks



TUFF Prizes

Also wrapping up on the weekend was the Toronto Urban Film Festival. The top prize was awarded toMinispectacles Trio:

Minispectacles Trio - TUFF 2014 from Sharon Switzer on Vimeo.

One of Canada’s leading film voices, Guy Maddin, was a guest judge for the festival and had the following to say (via a press release) at the event’s Sunday night award ceremony at The Drake Hotel:

“What an extreme pleasure it was for me to watch all the films in this wonderful festival. Short films, oddly, can often feel long, but  all of TUFF entrants simply raced past my eyes, always leaving me ready to watch more. The variety was incredible—who knew there were so many ways to cram so much into one silent minute! With so many smart, gorgeous films in the running, I had a tough decision to make, but I’m happy to have chosen for first place Maarit Suomi-Väänänen’s Minispectacles Trio. What a great year! Congratulations to everyone."

The top films from the fest were shown on the Pattison OneStop screens this past Monday. The winner received $3,000 while the second and third place finalists won $2,000 and $1,000, respectively.