Projections: Going to the film festival? No, not that one

One film festival not enough for you?: You may wonder how there could possibly be room for another film festival at the same time as TIFF. Well, how about fourothers? The first two weeks of September see the arrival of a brave contingent whose members are eager to divert some attention away from the behemoth that is otherwise ready to swallow the city whole.

The pluckiest of this quartet (see below for more), the T.O. Indie Festival is a haven for micro-budget and no-budget moviemakers that eagerly positions itself as an scrappier alternative to TIFF much as Slamdance is to Sundance. Now in a new home in the Carlton Cinemas, the latest edition opens on Sept. 4 at 6 p.m. with Rearview, a thriller by Toronto’s Robert Gulassarian. The program continues to Sept. 13 with an array of features, docs and shorts by intrepid DIY types across Canada and the rest of the world. Standouts include Silent Ones (Sept. 10 at 9:15 p.m.), a Hungarian drama that originally debuted at last year’s Rotterdam festival, and Ku-On (Sept. 12 at 9:15 p.m.), a Japanese science-fiction thriller about the freaky genetic mutations awaiting our species 200 years from now.

TUFF: Meanwhile under the city streets — on the screens on TTC subway platforms, to be precise — the Toronto Urban Film Festival presents its new slate of silent one-minute shorts, the handiwork of filmmakers and animators from 33 countries. From Sept. 5 to 15, commuters can catch shorts in a wide variety of programs, the annual competition slate being bolstered with special spotlights on three filmmakers — including Toronto’s Wrik Mead — and a specially commissioned piece by local art collective Public Studio that plays both on the TTC screens and a giant billboard on Yonge north of Dundas Square. TUFF shorts can also be seen in a free installation at the Drake Hotel from Sept. 10-13 and online at

By:  Special to the Star, Published on Thu Aug 28 2014