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Whitewash, 2012 and 2014

Tona Wilson (Director, animator, editor)
New Paltz, United States of America

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"Whitewash" was made to be projected onto a rough brick wall as part of the installation "Whitewash and Peeling Paper," which was included in the exhibition "Hidden in Plain View," in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 2012. It was made by painting and over-painting, in white watercolor and gouache, on black paper. It accompanies a series of gouache paintings on black paper, in which I address the "whitewashing" of difficult truths, both political and personal. Now, in 2014, I have used part of the "Whitewash" video, edited to shorten it, and to work with variations in frame rate to make it into a somewhat different kind of narrative, more suited to a subway environment.