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Water Cycle, 2015

Ciril Mlinar (Director/Writer/Producer)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Drinking water is becoming a major problem of the Third Millennium. The planet is overpopulated, we are choking in our own waste and our attitude towards the environment is catastrophically poor, leading to self-destruction! The negligent man sitting on the toilet symbolizes man's attitude towards the environment (negligence, short-sightedness) and towards water. Drinking water is diminishing, but nevertheless we persistently continue to burden it with our waste. The cycle that water makes is quickly concluded and the filth goes back directly to the surroundings of our water sources and into our glasses! The film Water Cycle is intended as a contribution to increased concern for clean drinking water, which is largely pumped from underground water sources and indirectly for the conservation of biodiversity in karst caves. This film, which is shocking and somewhat humorous, but relevant and understandable to everyone, will impact viewers of all ages...