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Stop Pedophils, 2011

Nikita Garets (director/animator)
Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine

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SP (Stop Pedophils) is a short handmade-performed animation which is devoted to the problems of the modern society and positioning of definite “alter ego” in this environment. Time after time the animated hero faces different situations where he becomes the creator of the following situations getting emotional experience; in the very end he is faced with the impossibility of solving the problem and becomes himself a victim of the circumstances created by his own. In the simplified 2D plane there is carried the investigation of human motives arising from the problems of perception of the world. The conciseness of the narration is laid in the basis of the stylistics, “comicsness” and at the same time the seriousness of the situation. The virtual world becomes the projection of the real one focusing on the paramount things. The video is projected on the wall in the loop mode.