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Prey, 2015

Mishann Lau (Creator) & Tijiki Morris (Co-Producer, Puppet Designer)
Toronto, Toronto

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To satiate a hunger, the hunt doesn't always end as expected. How does the hunter become prey? Producers: Mishann Lau, Tijiki Morris. Writer: Mishann Lau. Director: Mishann Lau. Camera: Mishann Lau. Editor: Mishann Lau. Actor: Tijiki Morris. Puppet Designer: Tijiki Morris. Puppeteers: Whitehall, Judd Brucke, Sara R. Artiga "Arti". Make-up: Sara R. Artiga "Arti". Cat: Spazz.

this film is genuinely

this film is genuinely creative and beautifully done.

Playful and mysterious! Love

Playful and mysterious! Love the scary puppet ghost - great job!