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Minispectacles Quartet, 2014

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen (concept, director, camerawoman, editor, producer)
Helsinki, Finland

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Minispectacles are one-minute works, cinematic haikus. Minispectacles depict big emotions briefly. They have tongue in cheek and heart in throat. The feelings are familiar – there is something pitiful about them, something amusing, horrifying and strange, too. They are on the side of the small. In the Minispectacles the landscape is at one with the emotion both conceptually and contextually. The name of the multi-layered work stitches together the inner feeling and nature, the landscape, the animal, the human being, the object. The action seems simple, but the work can be interpreted in many ways.To be continued all the way to Part 100. Woman with pocket camera.