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Mali and Georgia, 2013

Stan Krzyzanowski (Film maker)
Toronto, Canada

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This video came about while documenting a performance work by artist Patrick Krzyzanowski, working in collaboration with his two pet rats Mali and Georgia as part of an exhibition called '8 Days No Contact: Breakdowns, Relapses and the Art of Keeping it Together' curated by Kristin Weckworth at Narwhal Projects in Toronto (May/June) 2013. Mali and Georgia, with Patrick's help, produced one drawing for almost every night of the show's one-month run. Quoting from the exhibition catalogue, "Patrick Krzyzanowski's rat drawings are a product of dealing with certain creative anxieties.... [His] ongoing series of drawings by rats, Mali and Georgia, also offered a cyclical representation... further insight on the state of feeling restrained in both space and time." Many urban dwellers may feel similar anxieties as they run in their own wheels, and create their own drawings, but perhaps more often by day....