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La Jetée, 2014

Public Studio (Artists)
Toronto, Canada

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What we’ve said before we say again, anew. What we’ve heard before spurs another thought and a new conversation arises. In The Dialogues, words, politics, poetry and film collide to create new meanings and allegories. The Dialogues extract some of the most powerful speech uttered in cinema over the last century allowing words to hang in the balance devoid of pictures. Public Studio is the collective art practice of filmmaker Elle Flanders, architect Tamira Sawatzky in collaboration with others. In this project, they are working with artist and editor Josh Schonblum. Their practice employs a diverse range of media resulting in large-scale public art works, films, immersive installations, lens-based works and socially engaged projects. Public Studio explores the intersection of art and architecture, urbanization and industrialization with a particular focus on landscape and the effects of war in the everyday.