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Gone in 60 Seconds , 2014

Ray Vidal (Artist and Director )
Mississauga, Canada

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Gone in 60 Seconds For this video I first started with the idea of appropriating the entire original 1974 film ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ directed by H.B Halicki and speeding up the time-lapse of video to exactly 60 seconds taking a literal and logical stand point of view of reading the film. The final edited video is to be projected on the TTC screen with the digital clock located on the top corner keeping actual time accordance to the news clock. The basis of my idea behind the piece is using repetition and multiples to speed up each frame of the film until the movie is literally gone in 60 seconds. By taking things and seeing them in a literal sense I want to demonstrate how many of things can be broken down and proven faulty by applying logic and reason to them. Another aspect incorporated within this piece is how time is managed and used. By compacting an entire film into a minute and setting it to the same going rate as the clock hands a viewer can get a sense of the many events that can take place before them under a minute. By over stimulating the mind with multiple images the viewer experiences a rush of interactions that efficiently makes use of its time. This suggests to the viewer that many things can happen within such a small time frame of a minute. This gesture implies that minutes are taken for granted on a daily basis and are wasted and not used to their full potential because they are over looked juxtaposed to hours.

Excellent short film and the

Excellent short film and the concept of putting an actual film into 60 seconds, the installation in the subway with the clock counting down the 60 seconds should be amazing....
Great work!



Congratulations Ray, good

Congratulations Ray, good luck!



There's sound? Did you just

There's sound?
Did you just fast forward an already existing movie or did you make the footage your self?