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Dead Volume, 2016

Fernão Spadotto (Director/Writer/Animator)
São Paulo, Brazil

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In 2015, the city of São Paulo (Brazil) faced the worst drought in eight decades. The city’s biggest reservoir reached technically 0% of its volume capacity, leaving thousands without water supply. The water company was forced to drain water from the reservoir “dead volume”; a reserve that is below the level of the water locks and had never been used before. The water quality is questionable due the amount of sediments and mud. The state government had already been warned since 2004 that the collapse was imminent and almost nothing was made to mitigate it.

The only one that actually

The only one that actually dealt with the topic of water conservation. Surely this should be the winner.

Good film, very creative.

Good film, very creative. Happy to see you did it yourself. I like the way you addressed water scarcity and the political issues associated with it.

Good stuff

Good stuff