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Commuter, 2016

Vivian Gottheim (Director)
Montreal, Canada

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I filmed this video on my porch. The snail came as a visitor, and it was all by itself. It behaved very lively, it was perhaps young. Carrying its shell, it was autonomous and seemed to know exactly where to go. I was very impressed by this determination and drive and felt the need to record this on film.

I love this

I love this snail...

Un bel hommage à la

Un bel hommage à la lenteur!

Quelle belle créature si

Quelle belle créature si élégante!



Un escargot s'en allait à la

Un escargot s'en allait à la foire
Pour s'acheter une paire de souliers
Quand il arriva, il faisait déjà nuit noire
Il s'en retourna, nus pieds...