TUFF Tips - download expert advice on the art of one-minute filmmaking.

When do I hear back from TUFF about my submission?

Our jury will make their decisions in early July and you'll be hearing from us by late July.

When do you put submissions up online?

Only submissions that our jury selects as our finalists will get added to the TUFF website. These selections will be added to our site in time for the first day of the festival each year.

Does my film have to be exactly 60 seconds?

Yes! If your film is off by a few seconds, we can either trim it or change the speed to make it 60 seconds. If it is off by more that that we will not be able to accept it.

Why are the films you screen silent?

The PATTISON Onestop screens on the TTC do not have audio output capabilities. The films we show online represent what we screen on the TTC, so they are also silent.

Can I use subtitles in my film?

Yes! Subtitles can be used for dialogue and non-diagetic content (like a voice-over, but in text). Another option is intertitles (the screens that come up between scenes in silent films). We suggest that a minimum text size of 30 pixels, which equals about 22 or 23 points.

Do I have to submit my film in any particular format?

Formats accepted are Quicktime H.264 or Sorenson 3; Windows Media 8 or 9; divx; xvid. We also accept SWF files. More information can be found on our Submit page: http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/submit

Do you screen in HD?

No. You may submit your video in 1920x1080 HD, but it will be reformatted to fit our screens. See our framework mock-up.

Can I submit more than one film?

Yes, but you must pay a submission fee for each film you enter, once fees are in place.

How recent do films have to be for inclusion in your festival?

We don't mind what year your film was made.

Can I submit a one-minute edit of a longer film?


Does my film have to be a linear story?

No - we welcome experimental film, video and animation, as well as traditional narrative.

Do I have to submit to a particular thematic category?

No. As long as your film is suitable for a wide audience then we will consider it for the festival.

How are the films selected?

For information on this year's jurors go to this page: http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/jury

How are the films screened?

The films are screened as video files formatted for the PATTISON Onestop network of 40" digital displays within the TTC. Official selections are also screened on our website.

How many people will see my film?

On average 1.2 million people ride the subway every day. TUFF screens on the PATTISON Onestop Network of over 270 digital displays that serve these commuters.

Does TUFF pay artist fees?

Yes. This year we are paying $50 CAD for screening on the TTC and $50 for inclusion on our website.

Why are you charging submission fees?

Submission fees are being used to pay artist fees not covered by government grants, which can only be used to fund work by professional Canadian media artists.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to submit my film online after the free deadline?

No. You can pay online with your credit card, or PayPal account.

How do I pay my submission fee if I am mailing my film?

You can send Canadian cash or a check made out to "Art for Commuters". ($20 postmarked between June 1st and June 30th).

Can I shoot on the TTC?

Yes. If you aren't planning on being obtrusive, and don't need to set up a shoot, with lights, stands etc, then you can probably get away with not obtaining a permit.

The TTC has this posted on their site: ”Tourists, families and individuals filming or photographing within the public areas of the transit system for non-commercial purposes, are not expected to contact the TTC to obtain permission or a permit so long as such filming/photographing does not interfere with the safe and orderly operation of the transit system and/or our customers.”

If you do want to set up equipment for your shoot, then follow the link below and request a permit. Tell the TTC that you are shooting for TUFF and they won't charge you anything.

For more information see their site: http://www3.ttc.ca/TTC_Business/Filming_on_ttc_property/index.jsp

How will my film be displayed on the TTC screens?

You can go to this page to see mockup of the framework which house the films on the TTC screens. 


Do you have any tips on one-minute filmmaking?
When will my film screen on the TTC?

10 new films play each day of the festival, looping through the programme, one film screening every 5 minutes on the entire PATTISON Onestop network. Each day, the entire programme of 10 films also screen non-stop at TUFF'S  'Film Zone' station - St. Andrew

Check the screening schedule on our TUFF on the TTC page:  http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/tuff-toronto